Book 1: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Genre: Contemporary/Mystery YA

Words: 92,000

Plot: 16yo Posie is shocked out of her daydream-filled life when her older sister commits suicide in the school bathroom. But the mystery isn’t why Sarah died. It’s why kids keep dying. And why all their faces are cut out of Sarah's yearbook

Book 3: Good Sinners

Genre: Horror/Fantasy YA

Words: 69,000

17yo mean girl Cora Van Helton has died and woken up in hell…..literally. The only way out? Teaming up with Persephone’s psycho ex-gf to cross the monster infested underworld and break the queen out of the king's castle. It can't be harder than high school, right?

Book 2: The Legacy of Weston King

Genre: Sci-Fi, Lower YA/Upper MG

Words: 72,000

When 14yo Apollo begins training at the space academy, he realizes that being the son of a legendary alien-killing space hero comes with big shoes to fill. And, apparently, an entire army of aliens who see him as their best shot at revenge.

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Book 4: You Must Be This Tall

Genre: Horror/Fantasy MG

Words: 30,000

When 14yo Connor and his siblings get stuck in the kid's amusement park FUNLAND after dark, their biggest fear is how their parents will react. Until the attractions - including rides, animatronic characters, and statues - start to come alive. And come after them.

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